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About the Tier System

Every month, your site receives free quota to be spent on WordPress services, and credits to be spent on CDN bandwidth. Unlike credits that you purchase, which stay in your account until you spent them, free quota and credits reset at the beginning of every month. They do not roll over.

The amount of free quota/credits varies by service, but all amounts are controlled by the tier system.

When you sign up for QUIC.cloud, you are assigned one of four tiers, described below.

If you believe that you have been assigned the wrong tier, or if your site changes its hosting and now belongs in a different tier, please follow these directions to have your site reassigned.

Tier 1: Basic

Your site is running on a server that is not a LiteSpeed server. This may be Apache, nginx, or something else. You get a number of free credits equivalent to 1GB of bandwidth in North America.

Tier 2: LiteSpeed Server

We have detected a LiteSpeed response header on your site. Free credit is 5x Basic Tier.

Tier 3: LiteSpeed Server Enterprise

Your site is running on LiteSpeed Enterprise. Free credit is 10x Basic Tier.

Tier 4: QUIC.cloud Hosting Partner​

Your site is hosted with a QUIC.cloud Partner. Free credit is 20x Basic Tier. This tier is not yet available. It’s coming soon.

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