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All About Quota and Credits

Here’s what you need to know about quota and credits, in the simplest possible terms: In order to use most QUIC.cloud services, you need quota. QUIC.cloud gives you free quota every month, but if you need more, you can get it using credits. And if you need more credits, you can buy them in the QUIC.cloud shop.
Now, let’s look more closely at Quota and Credits.


Quota is a measurement of usage. It is counted at the domain level and is per service. You cannot transfer quota between domains, and you cannot transfer quota from one service to another.

Each domain is automatically given free quota each month for services that require quota. Quota does not roll over. At the beginning of each month, no matter how much the domain has or has not used, the quota resets.

The following QUIC.cloud services require a domain to have quota to use them:

  • Image Optimization (Fast Queue only. Standard Queue usage is free and unlimited.)
  • Critical CSS and Unique CSS Generation
  • Low-Quality Image Placeholder Generation

Example of Quota Usage

Let’s say example.com has a monthly quota allowance of 1000 requests for the LQIP service. They open their account on May 1st, and request LQIPs for 1220 images. The first 1000 requests will be processed, while the other 220 remain in the queue. On June 1st, the domain quota will reset to 1000, the 220 remaining LQIPs will be generated, and a quota of 780 requests will be available for the remainder of June. On July 1st, the domain quota will reset to 1000.

If the owners of example.com don’t want to wait until June to process those last 220 images, they can apply credits from their credit balance to get more quota for the rest of May. (You can learn more about that in the Credits section below.)

How Quota is Determined

The amount of quota that a domain receives each month is determined by a tier system. The four tiers are based on the web server a domain uses, and are defined as follows:

  1. Basic (for domains running on Apache, nginx, or other non-LiteSpeed server)
  2. LiteSpeed (for domains running on a LiteSpeed server)
  3. LiteSpeed Enterprise (for domains that have paid for a LiteSpeed License)
  4. QUIC.cloud Partner (for domains that are hosted by QUIC.cloud Partners – COMING SOON.)

The lowest tier gets the least monthly quota, while the highest tier gets the most. Please visit the QUIC.cloud Pricing page for the most current quota allowance details.

CDN Bandwidth

The CDN service works slightly differently than the other QUIC.cloud services. Credits are used to buy CDN bandwidth at rates that depend on region. Free credits are given every month based on the tier system described above. Your domain will receive a number of free credits equivalent to 1, 5 or 10 GB (depending on your site’s Tier) in the North America region. So, for example, if you get 10GB free monthly quota under the current system, and 10GB in North America costs 100 credits in the new system, you will get 100 free credits per month.

If the cost for bandwidth changes in the North America region, your free monthly credit allowance will increase or decrease accordingly.


  • While free credits are given based on the price of traffic in North America, you are free to use your credits in whatever region you want, at that region’s rate. So, if you have 100 free credits to use, that will get you 10GB in North America. If the majority of your traffic is served through Africa at 40 credits/GB, your 100 free credits will be used up with 2.5GB of African traffic. If your traffic is half North American and half African, you’ll get 5GB and 1.25GB free in each region, respectively.
  • The free credits your domain receives are not pre-allocated. The credit is charged as bandwidth is used.
  • Once the free credits are used up, the CDN will be bypassed for the rest of the month. If you have signed up for a Pay-as-You-Go plan and enabled auto-refill, then more credits will be allocated to the CDN and service will not be interrupted, as long as you have enough account-level credits available. You will be notified via email, when you have used up 80% of the month’s credits. You will be notified again if you run out of credits and the CDN is bypassed.
  • Credits do not expire.


Credits are an account-level currency and may be applied to the acquisition of additional quota for any domain managed by the account.

Credit balances roll over at the end of the month.

There are three ways to obtain credits:

  1. Purchase them in the QUIC.cloud store
  2. Earn them through social sharing – COMING SOON
  3. Other domain bonuses – COMING SOON

Once you have a credit balance, you can use the credits to purchase one-off Pay-As-You-Go quota boosts, or subscribe to additional monthly quota for certain services.


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