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Refilling Credit Balance After Order

When you place an order for more credits, you should see the following screen when the order is submitted:

After a few moments of waiting, the credits should be successfully applied to your credit balance, and you should see this:

If you leave the page before seeing this confirmation, or for some reason the credits are not applied to your balance, that does not mean your credits are lost!

Look for an email message from billing @ quic.cloud entitled Your QUIC.cloud order is now complete. This email contains a link that will bring you back to the confirmation page. At that point, you will either see the green confirmation message above, or a red one like this:

If you see the green bar, your credit has been refilled.

If you see the red bar, follow the instructions, and your newly-purchased credits will be applied to your account balance.

If you do not see the credits recorded in your account after you’ve purchased them, check out our FAQs for assistance.

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