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Changes to CDN Plans and Pricing

As we venture out of beta and into production, we’d like to announce some changes to our CDN pricing.

In this document, first, we’ll remind you how our current pricing works, then we’ll explain what’s changing in the methodology, and finally we’ll give you the new pricing structure.

These changes will take effect on July 1st, 2021.

Please Note: all pricing information and amounts are correct at the time of this writing. While we will do our best to keep this document up to date, please be aware that your QUIC.cloud Dashboard is the final authority when it comes to pricing, credits, and quota.

Introductory Pricing

While QUIC.cloud is in beta, our introductory pricing model has been as follows:

  • Free quota for everyone! You get anywhere from 1 to 10 free GB per month, depending on which tier your site qualifies for.
  • Purchase additional quota with credits. You can buy credits in the QUIC.cloud store, and use those credits to purchase more quota. There are currently two ways to purchase additional quota:
    • A 500 GB/month subscription, which costs 4000 credits each billing period
    • Pay as You Go, which allows you to buy 100 GB quota for 1000 credits whenever you need it.

See an explanation of quota and credits here.

What is and is not Changing

In a nutshell, here is what you can expect:

  • Introductory flat-rate pricing will be replaced with region-based pricing on July 1, 2021
  • Monthly subscriptions will be discontinued on May 1, 2021
  • Free credits will continue to be offered at the same tier levels as always.

Regional Pricing

Our introductory pricing features a flat rate across the globe. On July 1st, 2021 we will switch to a region-based model. In reality, it is less expensive to operate nodes in some parts of the world than it is in others. This is now reflected in our pricing. For example, we plan to charge 20 credits/GB to serve your site through European nodes, and we will charge 80 credits/GB to serve through African nodes.

Along with the pricing methodology change, you will have the ability to choose which regions you wish to serve your site through. So, if your target audience is primarily in the United States, you can deselect the more expensive regions to save on costs. Just be aware that any visitors from these deselected regions will then be routed through nodes in the remaining selected regions.

Soon you will begin to see the regions listed on your QUIC.cloud Dashboard, but the prices for each region will match the current flat rate pricing (10 credits/GB) until the change goes into effect on July 1st.

Monthly Subscriptions

The 500GB Subscription option is going away as of May 1, 2021. There will be no monthly subscriptions offered for CDN service after this date. If your subscription has already been renewed for May, the 500GB will be moved to your Pay as You Go balance.

Free Tiers

Going forward, your site will receive a number of free credits equivalent to 1, 5 or 10 GB (depending on your site’s Tier) in the North America region. So, for example, if you get 10GB free monthly quota under the current system, and 10GB in North America costs 100 credits in the new system, you will get 100 free credits per month.

If the cost for bandwidth changes in the North America region, your free monthly credit allowance will increase or decrease accordingly.

New Pricing as of July 1st

This is the current pricing for each region. Please be aware that it is our goal to keep prices as low as possible, and to that end, we reserve the right to adjust these rates up or down in the future.

North America 20 credits/GB 10 credits/GB*
Europe 20 credits/GB 10 credits/GB*
South America 80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
Asia 80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
Oceania 80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
Middle East 80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
Africa 80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
  • Promotional pricing is in effect until December 31, 2021: 50% off all regional rates, as shown in the table above

NOTE: As always, if you buy credits in larger quantities, you get more credits for your money, up to an additional 30% on top of the 50% promotional discount.

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