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Configuring DNS

In order to serve your site globally, QUIC.cloud CDN requires you to make changes to your DNS configuration. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. You can switch to QUIC.cloud’s built-in DNS solution
  2. You can add a CNAME record at your existing DNS provider, and point it to QUIC.cloud

The CNAME option is available mostly to those who wish to use a subdomain (like www.example.com or sub.example.com with QUIC.cloud, while the QUIC.cloud DNS option is available to everyone.

Using the QUIC.cloud DNS Option

Regardless of whether you are using a root domain (example.com) or a subdomain (www.example.com), you can switch to QUIC.cloud’s built-in DNS solution. Please see Switching to QUIC.cloud DNS to proceed.

Using the CNAME Option

Some DNS providers offer CNAME flattening or ANAME/ALIAS records, but many do not. If your DNS provider does not offer this feature, you must use a subdomain instead of your root domain (e.g. www.example.com instead of example.com) when setting up your DNS.

If you have a www or other subdomain to be used with QUIC.cloud, please see Configuring DNS for a Subdomain to proceed.

If you have a root domain, and you really want to use the CNAME option, you have two choices:

  1. Change your DNS provider to a provider that offers CNAME flattening or ANAME/ALIAS records, so you can continue to use your root domain. Please see Configuring DNS for a Root Domain to proceed.
  2. Change your WordPress site so that it uses a www domain instead of the root domain. Please see Switching from a Root Domain to a www Domain to proceed.


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