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Configure Access for your Site (Optional)

On the “CDN” page, under “CDN Config” -> “Connection”, there are three options that configure how the browser connects to QUIC.cloud and how QUIC.cloud connects to your origin server. Select the appropriate option.

!Connection Options

Connection Type to Origin: This option specifies the connection type between QUIC.cloud and your origin server. The available options are: Match the connection type from the browser to QUIC.cloud or use HTTP Only.

Frontend Force HTTPS: This option specifies the connection type between the browser and QUIC.cloud servers. If set to ON, HTTP requests to QUIC.cloud are redirected to HTTPS automatically. Otherwise, both request types are forwarded to your backend server (depending on how Connection Type to Origin is configured).

Enable QUIC Backend: If your site offers QUIC and/or HTTP/3, you can try this option. This will let QUIC.cloud servers attempt to connect to your origin server using QUIC and/or HTTP/3.

Configure your Firewall

When your site goes through QUIC.cloud servers, all the requests to your origin server will now appear from QUIC.cloud IPs. This will likely trigger some firewall rules. Make sure to add the QUIC.cloud IPs to allowlist so that the requests do not trigger the firewall.



Verify your Website is Using QUIC

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