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Setting up your DNS with your Subdomain

Adding the Subdomain

1. Take a screenshot of your current configurations. Keep this as a reference in case things go wrong, so you have something to go back to.

2. Adjust your TTL (time to live) value to the smallest time period possible (if not already). You need to wait until the time period of the old TTL value has passed before you can use QUIC.cloud. After the old value expires, every record should be updated to the new value. Example: The previous value was 1 hour, so you change it to 2 minutes. If it is 3pm when you change the value to 2 minutes, you must wait an entire hour (until 4pm) to be sure that all the records now use the 2 minute value.

3. You must create a CNAME record for your subdomain. If you already have an A record for the subdomain, you must delete it first.

4. Check your DNS & site to make sure it is still working properly.  Check out our FAQs for some ways to test.

NOTE: So far, QUIC.cloud is not involved in your process. If there are any issues at this point it is likely due to your DNS configurations.

5. Next, edit your subdomain’s CNAME’s target.  Point it to the domain name given to you in your my.QUIC.cloud dashboard. 

6. Then, make sure that your site is still accessible as is. Here are some ways to test.

NOTE: At this point you are using QUIC.cloud in your process. If there are issues, it may be a QUIC.cloud issue. 

After performing the above steps your site should still be accessible. Nothing should have changed.

If it is not accessible, review your DNS configurations and run through the steps again. Check if your TTL for the old configuration has expired. Make sure that the correct amount of time has elapsed.



Enable the CDN


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