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How do I move a domain from one user account to another?

If you linked a domain to a user account on QUIC.cloud and want to move it to a different user account for easy management, follow the steps below:

For the steps, assume the following definitions:

    • User A: The user to move the domain from.
    • User B: The user to move the domain to.
  1. Navigate to User A’s my.quic.cloud dashboard and select the transferring domain.
  2. If the CDN is active, navigate to the CDN settings page and set Bypass CDN to ON.
  3. Navigate to the domain settings tab and delete the domain. This action de-links the domain from User A.
  4. Log out from my.quic.cloud.
  5. Navigate to the domain’s wp-admin.
  6. Navigate to the LSCWP general tab and click Request domain key.
  7. After the domain key refreshed, click Link to Quic.cloud.
  8. On the newly opened page, login or register as User B.
  9. After activation, visit the my.quic.cloud dashboard as User B.
  10. Check to make sure that the domain is added, and if so, click it.
    • If the domain is not there, log out and repeat starting from step 6. If it still does not work, create a ticket in our support portal.
  11. Review your settings. If you already have existing usage for current month, it will carry over.
  12. The CDN needs to be set up again. Follow the CDN Setup Guide to complete setup.
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