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Pairing WordPress and QUIC.cloud

In order to use QUIC.cloud, you must pair it with the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin in your WordPress admin. Here’s how.

Initiate in WordPress

Request Domain Key

Sign into the WordPress dashboard for the domain you’d like to use with QUIC.cloud. Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > General, and click the Request Domain Key button, on the right side of the Domain Key box.

Approved Domain Key

You will see a notification at the top of the page, indicating that the application was successful. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the page. The Domain Key setting will have been automatically updated with the new key.

The next step is to create a QUIC.cloud account. However, you only need to do so if you plan to use the CDN. An account is optional, if you only plan to use the QUIC.cloud WordPress services.

There are benefits to a QUIC.cloud account, though, including a handy dashboard where you can:

  • See detailed usage, statistics & even errors for all services
  • Have the ability to increase the quota limits with credits
  • Set up & manage all QUIC.cloud CDN options
  • Easily open a QUIC.cloud support ticket
  • Manage multiple domains in one place

To register your QUIC.cloud account, click the Link to QUIC.cloud button.

NOTE: if you choose not to set up a QUIC.cloud account, then you are finished and you may begin using Image Optimization, Page Optimization, and other QUIC.cloud non-CDN services immediately.

Sign up for QUIC.cloud

You will be redirected to QUIC.cloud to sign up.

NOTE: If you already have a QUIC.cloud account for another domain, there is no need to create a new account. You can have multiple domains in your QUIC.cloud account. Simply sign into your existing account. This domain will be added, the connection will be complete, and you will be redirected back to your WordPress dashboard. Skip the next section, and go directly to Verify Connection in WordPress.

Set up QUIC.cloud

Choose a password, agree to the QUIC.cloud terms and conditions, and click Register.

Check your email for a validation message from QUIC.cloud, and confirm your account by clicking the activation link within.

Your QUIC.cloud-WordPress connection is complete!

Verify Connection in WordPress

Back in WordPress, you will know the connection was successful when you see the Visit my Dashboard on QUIC.cloud button on the LiteSpeed Cache > General page.

NOTE: If you are planning to use the CDN, go back to the Onboarding documentation to continue setup.

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