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Verify WordPress REST API is Active

Certain errors that you may encounter with QUIC.cloud are due to an issue with the WordPress REST API. Here’s how to tell whether your REST API is active.

    1. Visit https://www.your_domain.com/?rest_route=/litespeed/v1/token in your browser as guest user or via curl.
    2. You should see something like this:

{"code":"rest_no_route","message":"No route was found matching the URL and request method.","data":{"status":404}}

  1. Check the last part of the string that is returned. It should say "status":404.
  2. If you see any other status code besides 404, then you have a problem.

If there is a problem with your REST API, here are a few possible causes:

  • You may have disabled REST API.
  • You may have a security plugin that interferes with it.
  • You may have a plugin that controls or limits access, like a “maintenance mode” plugin.
  • You may have a plugin that is known to cause WP REST issues, such as the Perfmatters plugin.
  • You may have permalinks set to Plain or /index.php/, and that wouldn’t work, as the REST API link relies on a Rewrite Rule.

Also, please take a look at your rewrite rules in .htaccess. If you have a rule that ends in [L] it must not appear before the WordPress section, or else the WordPress rules will never be processed, and the REST API request will result in failure.

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