Services and Features CDN is a content delivery network capable of serving tens of thousands of simultaneous requests, via a network of nodes distributed strategically around the world. features cutting-edge HTTP/3 support and important WordPress security features. And, unlike other CDN’s, partners with LiteSpeed Cache to serve both static and dynamic WordPress content.

But’s content delivery network is just the beginning.

With services, you can optimize your images, and implement other measures that will dramatically improve your page speed score.

Explore these services and features, and learn what can do for your site. CDN

Highly scalable, feature rich, and secure global content delivery network. Serves all WordPress content, static and dynamic.

DNS Service’s built-in DNS service allows you to optionally simplify your site’s CDN setup with automated DNS configuration.

QUIC and HTTP/3 Library

Open source, fully functional LSQUIC library allows content delivery via the cutting edge HTTP/3 internet protocol.

LiteSpeed Cache

Highly-customizable caching solution for WordPress, makes it possible to accurately cache dynamic content at the CDN level.

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Under abnormally high traffic conditions, CDN-level reCAPTCHA challenges non-Trusted visitors, and denies access to attackers.

Brute Force Protection

Mitigates large-scale brute-force attacks common in WordPress environments. Works at the CDN level, no extra plugin required.

Image Optimization

Optimizes uploaded images and returns the smallest possible images without sacrificing quality. Optionally produces WebP format.

Page Optimization

Critical CSS and Unique CSS Generation: cures Flash of Unstyled Content, returns the minimum CSS required for each page.

Low Quality Image Placeholder

Initially loads pages with customized low quality images, and replaces them with original images once the page is fully loaded.