It’s common practice to protect login pages and form submissions from abuse with reCAPTCHA challenges, but by the time these application-level reCAPTCHA challenges are issued, precious server resources are being used to handle the barrage of requests, and your site is slowing down, or worse, crashing completely.

With, reCAPTCHA is employed at the CDN level to repel DDoS attack. Malicious actors are stopped before they have the opportunity to hit any application pages or consume any site resources. This umbrella of protection keeps your site moving quickly and smoothly.

reCAPTCHA only takes effect when detects an attack, and the sensitivity level is configurable on a site-by-site basis.

How It Works reCAPTCHA provides protection from DDoS attack at the CDN level.

reCAPTCHA’s trigger sensitivity is configurable. You decide when it should activate.

When detects an attack in progress, reCAPTCHA repels all non-human traffic.


reCAPTCHA is a built-in service, and is free. There is no cost to protect your site’s resources via reCAPTCHA and

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