Image Optimization

Images can have an enormous impact on the speed of a website. Large, high-quality images take a long time to transmit.’s Image Optimization feature takes your original JPG and PNG images, condenses them for quicker transport, and optionally saves them in the efficient WebP format.

With Image Optimization, builds the smallest possible image while retaining the same quality as the original, and speeds your site up along the way.

How it Works

Large images can take a long time to transmit, making your website slow. optimizes images to make them smaller without sacrificing quality.

Smaller images transmit much more quickly and keep your WordPress site fast.


Image Optimization via the “Standard Queue” is free. The “Fast Queue” is free for the first 1000 images/month. LiteSpeed Server users get up to 6000 additional free Fast Queue images/month. 10,000 images may be purchased for 3,000 credits. A 20,000 image/month subscription may be purchased for 5000 credits/month.


Monthly free quota for Fast Queue image processing
Tier Free Quota
1,000 images
LiteSpeed Server
5,000 images
LiteSpeed Enterprise
10,000 images Hosting Partner
20,000 images

* See Pricing page for description of tiers.

Monthly Subscriptions

Purchase additional monthly Fast Queue quota
Product Quota Cost
20,000 Fast Queue Package
20,000 images
5,000 credits/month
Priority Line
1,000 credits/month
Jumbo Group
2,000 credits/month

Please see the Pricing Page for details.

Product Info

Each month, users will receive a free quota for our Image Optimization Fast Queue. The actual amount of quota you receive for free is dependent on your web server (LiteSpeed users receive a higher free quota than non-LiteSpeed users). After you’ve used your entire free quota for the Fast Queue, the remainder of your images will enter the Image Optimization Standard Queue.

If you’d prefer not to be in the Standard Queue, you can use your credits to purchase more quota for the Fast Queue. An alternative to both the Fast Queue and the Standard Queue is the Priority Line.

What is the difference between the Fast Queue and the Priority Line?

The Priority Line will always be handled before the Standard Queue; your images will be moved to the front of the line. If you still have Fast Queue quota, your images will be moved to the front of the Fast Queue line instead. The Fast Queue still requires you to wait in line, but the line is restricted to those with Fast Queue quota only.

The Priority Line package is a subscription package, and costs 1000 credits per month.

Pay as You Go

Purchase one-time additional Fast Queue quota
Product Quota Cost
1 Refill Unit
10,000 images
3,000 credits

Please see the Pricing Page for details.

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Team up with! If you are interested in donating a node, using our service in your own product development, or even if you are a CDN service interested in collaboration, we want to hear from you! In return, you will be helping your own customers and getting your name seen by our users. It’s a win-win!