LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is a free and open source plugin. It communicates with to dramatically reduce page load times through an intelligent server-level page cache.

With advanced cache-management tools and optimization features, LSCWP is an all-in-one site acceleration solution. Turbo-charge WordPress with minimal fuss, handle traffic spikes with ease, and precisely manage cache with LSCWP’s powerful tag-based Smart Purge technology.

The LiteSpeed Cache experience is normally reserved for those with a LiteSpeed web server product, but with, even nginx and Apache users can enjoy the full benefits of LSCWP.

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How It Works

Uncached sites suffer from slow loading times, low page scores, and bad user experience.

With the click of a button, LiteSpeed Cache can improve the speed of your WordPress site.

With a faster loading time, page speed scores improve, and happy visitors keep coming back.


The LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress is free and open source. There may be fees associated with CDN use depending on your plan, and with other Online Services accessed through the plugin.

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Team up with! If you are interested in donating a node, using our service in your own product development, or even if you are a CDN service interested in collaboration, we want to hear from you! In return, you will be helping your own customers and getting your name seen by our users. It’s a win-win!