Low Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP)

One way to ensure a fast-loading page is to temporarily suspend the transfer of high quality imagery, and instead show fast-loading placeholders. Once the site is otherwise fully loaded, then full quality images may take their rightful place on the page.

This is a common practice across the web, usually with simple solid-color boxes acting as placeholders.

QUIC.cloud’s LQIP service, lets your pages stand out from the crowd.

Generate customized Low Quality Image Placeholders which are blurred and minified versions of your original full size images. These attractive placeholders load lightning fast and stand in for the original images while the rest of your page is assembled.

LQIP vs. Basic Placeholder

A basic solid-color placeholder, fills the space, but provides no visual interest.

An LQIP placeholder, artfully filling the space, giving a hint of the image to come.

The fully loaded high quality image, displayed after the rest of the page has loaded.


Free for the first 300 LQIPs/month. LiteSpeed Server users get up to 1300 additional free LQIPs/month. 3000 LQIPs may be purchased for 2000 credits.


Monthly free quota for LQIP processing

Tier Free Quota
100 requests
LiteSpeed Server
500 requests
LiteSpeed Enterprise
1,000 requests
QUIC.clud Hosting Partner
2,000 requests

* See Pricing page for description of tiers.

Pay as You Go

Purchase one-time additional LQIP quota
Product Quota Cost
1 Refill Unit
3,000 requests
2,000 credits

Please see the Pricing Page for details.

Join Forces with QUIC.cloud

Team up with QUIC.cloud! If you are interested in donating a node, using our service in your own product development, or even if you are a CDN service interested in collaboration, we want to hear from you! In return, you will be helping your own customers and getting your name seen by our QUIC.cloud users. It’s a win-win!